GT288 (H,S) single crystal silicon pressure transmitter is a high performance pressure transmitter with international leading technology meticulously designed by Greentech, Korea instrument, using the world's most advanced single crystal silicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation technology.

Single crystal silicon pressure sensor locates on the top of the metal body and stay away from the medium interface to realizes mechanical isolation and thermal isolation.

Glass sintering sensor wire realizes high strength electrical insulation of metal base and improves the capability of flexibility of electronic circuit and transient voltage resistance protection.

All these original encapsulation technologies enable GT288 (H,S) to easily cope with extreme chemical occasion and mechanical load, and own strong resistance to EMI, sufficient to respond to the most rigorous industrial environment applications, which are the genuine invisible instruments.

Product introduction

■ Main parameters
Pressure type:        Gauge pressure
Measuring range:   1kPa ~ 40MPa, Please refer to the ordering information chapter
Output signal:         4-20mA, 4-20mA+HART, customer
Reference accuracy:   0.075% URL, optional 0.05% URL

■ Measuring medium
Liquid, Gas, or Steam Flow as well as liquid level, density and pressure

■ Field of application
Pressure, Level

■ Standard specifications and reference conditions
Test standard: IEC60770; zero based- calibration span, linear output, silicone oil filling,
316L stainless steel isolation diaphragm.

■ Performance specifications
The overall performance including but not limited to [Reference accuracy], [Environment temperature effects],and other comprehensive error Typical accuracy: 0.075% URL Stability: ±0.2% URL/60 months

■ Reference accuracy
Including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Calibration temperature: 20°C ± 5°C
Linear output accuracy : TD ≤10 (note 1): ±0.075% URL
10<TD≤100: ±0.0075TD% URL
Nominal value: 6kPa, 40kPa, 250kPa, 1MPa, 3MPa, 10MPa, 40MPa
Note 1: TD is Turn down, TD=URL/ |URV-LRV|

■ Power supply effects
Zero and span change should not more than ±0.005% URL/V, when power supply voltage is within 10.5/16.5~55VDC

■ Mounting position effects
Apply to any position. Max value lower than 400Pa can be corrected by zero clearing function.

■ Vibration effects
According to IEC61298-3, <0.1% URL

■ Ambient temperature effects
Total impact Within the range of -20°C~80°C: ±(0.1+0.1TD)% URL

■ Output signal
4-20mA two wire. Customers can choose linear output or square root output.
Digital process variables superimpose on 4-20mA signal and apply to any hosts with HART protocol.

■ Insulation resistance
≥ 20M Ω@, 100VDC

■ Damping time
Total damping time constant:  equal to the sum of damping time of amplifier and sensor capsule
Damping time of amplifier:  0~100S adjustable
Damping time of sensor capsule (isolation sensor diaphragm and silicon filling oil)  ≤0.2S
Startup after power off:  ≤6S
Normal services after data recovery:  ≤31S

■ Weight
Net weight:  about 1.87 kg (without mounting bracket and process connection adaptor)

■ Environment condition
Items:  Operational condition
Working temperature:  -40~85°C, LCD display unit: -20~70°C
Storage temperature:  -40~110°C, LCD display unit: -40~85°C
Media temperature:  With silicone oil -40~120°C
Working humidity:  5~100%RH@40°C
Protection class:  IP 67

■ Power supply
Items:  Operational condition
Standard/ flame proof:  10.5~55VDC
HART protocol:  16.5~55VDC, communication load resistance 250Ω
Load resistance:  0~2119Ω for operation, 250~600Ω for HART protocol
Transmission distance:  <1000 meters
Power consumption:  ≤500mW@24VDC, 20.8mA


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