Ultrasonic Floweter


World advanced technologies are applied.



Ultrasonic Flowmeter


Standard Features
  World advanced technologies are applied.
  Internally configured batch controller makes batch control convenient and powerful.
  Various installation methods: Clamp-on transducers and Insertion transducers are available and can be hot-tapped.
  The GTTF transit-time series are carefully designed and the operation is user-friendly, simple and easy.
  The design makes the mounting process very simple, and no special skills or tools are required.
  High precision and reliability, independent of fluid conductivity, wider applications than magnetic flow meters.
  Wide measuring range, can measure low flow rate up to 0.003m/s.
  Bi-directional flow measurement.
 Spool-piece transducer for best accuracy and best stability in the long run.
 No moving parts, no pressure drop, no need of maintenance.  


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