Floodlight usually provides a 90 degrees illumination whereas spotlight provides a 45 degrees. In other words, floodlights light up a large area while spotlights light up a specific small area.


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Product Description


  Exclusive Lens with light transmittance up to 98%, 90 x 90 D
  Scientifically-designed heat dissipater with much better cooling effect with IP 66 weather protection.
  High quality power supply, input voltage 100-240V. The power efficiency is more than 90%, power factor greater than 0.95.


Standard Features

  New Installation or Replace the traditional High Pressure Sodium Lamp, High Pressure Mercury Lamp, and Metal Halide Street Lamps. Etc.
  Perfect Light Distribution Solution:Integrated shell optic lens, enhance the brightness and illumination uniformity.
  High luminous efficiency, >160LM/W
  Voltage fluctuation is ±20%, the brightness and lifetime will not be influenced at all; Over Current,Over Voltage, Over Heat, Thunder Protection.



Lamp Structure

Modular designed by 50W power consumption for each module. Integrated Polycarbonate Optic lens with 90 x 90 degrees. Better light distribution than tradition reflector type, get same brightness for overall area of light projection. Get better weather protection from previous model IP 65 to be IP 66. And provided you more efficiency, has become to 160 lm/W. But keep same electric power consumption by high quality Meanwell driver, ELG Series.


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